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We have been manufacturing our custom UTV products for over 8-years.  We ONLY produce UTV products and this is our full-time business, and our passion!

Yes, we operate our shipping and windshield manufacturing business out of Fort Worth, Texas, in a  large 6,000+ foot warehouse that houses only our operations.  We are strategically located next door to our three main shipping companies, and being in Fort Worth, Texas, we are centrally located in the United States.  This makes our shipping to your dealership very efficient.  In addition, we have our 20,000′ plastic molding facilities also located within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Yes!  As a matter of fact, we would call it simple!  After shipping thousands and thousands of our products over the years, we have yet to have a call into our office asking to clarify the installation process.  We include simple, step-by-step directions with every product.  Simple and fast installation is critical for our dealers.  We want products that are quick to install, so as to limit the amount of time a service tech must be taking to install our products.  In addition, our products are also easily installed by the retail customers of a dealer.  Full detailed instructions are included with every product.

Nope, but we are now the top manufacturer in the world for our style of ABS custom UTV products.  In the beginning (when the first Trans Mule came out almost 5-years ago) another company beat us to the market by a few weeks.  Their design was somewhat inferior and they have been out of business for over four years.

Yes, absolutely- and on two different occasions.  When the Ranger Crew was first introduced in 2008, we purchased one of the first machines to be sold in the United States.  We then worked around the clock to design and produce the world’s first ABS plastic top for this new machine.  Polaris radically changed the rollbar structure of the Ranger Crew when the 2010 models were introduced.  Once again, after some intensive re-design work and new tooling, we were the first to market with the new style Crew top that fits the 2010 (and later) models.

Simple hand tools:  a large phillips head screwdriver, a 7/16″ wrench, and a small adjustable wrench.  In addition, a small step-ladder is handy when installing most products.

Yes, but please read our disclaimers and this other important information:  Our tops have been tested to legal highway speeds (65mph here in Texas) without any additional restraints, and with only the mounting hardware that is included.  However, we HIGHLY recommend that you utilize some sort of strap/support system to help support the top in unstable driving conditions.  Here is our reasoning:  we cannot control the driving habits of our customers, nor can we control Mother Nature.  If a person is towing their machine at 65mph into a 30mph headwind, this causes a 95mph wind force against the front of the top.  We have NOT tested the top to these conditions, therefore a simple strap or rope is mandated to be secured over the top, and under the rollbars before towing.  In addition, even if there is not a strong headwind, if someone is driving well over the speed limit, this still causes an extreme wind force on the hard top- beyond our tested results.  Our products are designed very strong, and we know that most of our customers will in fact, tow their machines on a trailer.  But please take a simple and quick precautionary measure and help secure the top with an additional restraint before trailering.

Yes.  we realize it is a real headache to remove a windshield when you go to tow a UTV.  On both our Kawasaki Trans Mule windshield, and our 600/610 Mule windshield, you can tow the machine with the windshield installed.  Simply OPEN the windshield up into the ventilation mode, and leave it in this position while towing.  This allows for some of the airflow to move throught the bottom of the windshield while towing.

Great question!  First and foremost, you can change the Trans Mule from one to two seat mode, no problem, with our top installed.  And yes, you can use the dump bed feature.  First, when changing the configuration of the Trans Mule, our hard top does NOT hinder this process in any way.  The procedure is identical to perform, whether our top is installed or not.  Now, on the dump bed feature:  there is absolutely NO problem dumping the bed on the Mule.  In the short bed configuration (2-seat mode) the process is as simple as unlatching the bed and raising it up to dump.  On the rare occasion that you need to dump the bed in the long-bed (1-seat mode), just simply remove the expanded metal headache rack / screen which is behind the back seat.  While this may seem laborious for dumping in the long bed mode, it truly only takes about 3-4 seconds to remove the headache rack.  What we have found is that the bed of the Mule is extremely heavy in the long bed mode, even empty!  Secondly, most people buy the Trans Mule to have the versatility of the rear seat.  So the likelihood of dumping in the long bed mode will be extremely rare for most people.  And in the case that it is needed?  A few seconds after removing the headache rack, the bed will dump with no problems.  Then simply re-latch the headache rack back into place.  This is also one of the reasons our hard top is the best priced top in the market….it is NOT necessary to spend more money for a top that slides, raises up and down, etc.  Our product allows full funtionality of the Trans Mule, without having to spend extra money for features you will never need. 

The Kawasaki steel hardtop does in fact, spring upward on the back section.  If you use your Mule to dump in the long-bed mode OFTEN, this may be the right product for you- since you don’t need to remove the headache rack.  But our top is MUCH lighter than the steel version they offer, does NOT have a paint that will peel off, and is about half the price of the Kawasaki hardtop.  Why pay twice the price for features you don’t need?

Not at this time.  We are working on a few packages that will include a wiring harness and light package.  However, installation of these products on your own is very simple.  Call us and we will glady give you some simple and inexpensive ways to add lights to your machines.

Absolutely!  We offer many options for sending you your products without charging you any freight.  We know this is important to a dealership, and we offer free shipping.  Call us for the simple details!

SIMPLE!  We want to earn your business, and we want you to heavily rely on our products to earn you maximum profits on your accessories.  As a Kawasaki, Polaris, or Bobcat authorized dealer, you are already pre-approved with us.  Call and place an order, and we verbally activate your account.  And also, we give you terms of Net-15!  This allows you to receive our products and have an opportunity to sell them before you need to pay us.  We try to make things simple for the dealer, and don’t need a bunch of complicated processes to take your orders.  Call us and we’ll ship immediately.  Need dealer referrals?  Not a problem either!  We can provide you with current powersports dealers across the United States.

Very seldom do we sell to the public, but in some instances it does occur.  We try VERY hard to protect our dealers, and we make every effort to send retail customer inquiries to our existing dealer network.  Even if you call us and we don’t have a dealer in your immediate area, we will always call the closest dealer and try to send them our products on your behalf.  In the rare instance that the dealer does not wish to do this, then yes, we will sell to the public.  We want everyone that is interested to be using our products.  Again, we refer retail customers to our existing dealer network and/or try to setup a dealer in your area if none is already available.  If we exhaust these options then yes, we still want you to be able to enjoy our products.

Absolutely.  We are extremely blessed to have dealers all over the world.  We have hundreds of dealers across the lower 48-states, but we also ship our products outside of the mainland United States.  Our dealers and customers are all over the lower 48-states, but also in Canada, Hawaii, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Europe, Australia, and South America- just to name a few!  Also look for our products on UTV machines in many of the NFL football stadiums, fire departments, police departments, Scout ranches, military bases, Coast Guard installations, and other venues around the globe.  We are proud of our dealers and the end-users that they serve! 

Yes, we deal with MANY dealers who serve these industries.  Call us on these special bids and quotes and we will work up special pricing to ensure that you have a great chance at winning the business!  Call us for these special discounts.

Without a doubt!  When you call GR Manufacturing, you will speak to Gary Robertson (aka: GR- thus the GR Manufacturing name), for all of your needs!  He is the founder and president of the company, and will answer any questions you have, offer you other dealer referrals, and whatever else he can to earn your business!