Ready to buy? Have Questions?

We get hundreds of calls, asking where is our pricing located?  We sell exclusively through our valued dealers.  They set their own pricing, and by purchasing from a dealer, most times you will save a lot of money on freight charges (versus if we sold to the general public).  Why?  Most products are too large to ship via FedEx or UPS.  They must be sent to a commercial address via 18-wheeler.  Dealers typically order in bulk, and don’t pay us any freight.  Therefore, you save the freight markup when buying through our dealers.

Please call or email us today! We will gladly answer any questions you may have and either direct you to a local dealer who carries our products, or if one is not available, we will ship you whatever you may need.

Again, our company always tries to protect the interests of our participating Kawasaki and Polaris dealers, and upon your inquiry, if you are not a dealer, we will surely try to send you to one of our participating dealers first. However, we also realize that there are still many areas of the country which either do not have a Kawasaki or Polaris dealer nearby, and/or that dealer may not stock our products. Don’t worry! We still want you to enjoy our products and can ship them to you. Please call us to discuss options and nearby dealers.

Dealer Inquiries?

Good news! As a factory-approved Kawasaki or Polaris Ranger dealership, you are already set-up with us as an approved dealer!

No dealer application is required! No money up-front! What? Yes, you read this correctly….we already have terms of Net-15 established for your dealership. Unlike some competitors, we want no money upfront. We want you to have your products first and foremost, and give you time to sell our items before payment is required!

We realize that a large amount of your dealer profits are made from the accessories you offer for each utility vehicle. Partner with us and we WILL help your dealership earn more profits on each and every UTV you sell.

Need dealer referrals? Perfect! We can provide hundreds of them for you, in any specific area of the United States! Just ask us and we will provide you as many as you need. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of GR Manufacturing, LLC products, please contact or email us today for more information. We are always looking for local dealer to carry our products and want to earn your business.

For general questions please send and email to info@utvproducts.com

To locate your nearest dealer or for new dealer inquiries, call:


Or please send us an email at: info@utvproducts.com